Pamelia Barratt

Pamelia Barratt

Pamelia Barratt Pamelia Barratt Pamelia Barratt

A novelist specializing in historical fiction with a mystery twist.


Blood: The Color of Cranberries


An unexpected death in the family  forces a sophisticated Chicago couple to move to a small Wisconsin peat  bog in 1920 to cultivate cranberries. Family secrets delay the  unraveling of the truth behind a mysterious accident set in Indianhead  country of the North Woods.

An Ostentation


One of the founding families of  the city of Chicago, the Peacocks, lose prestige after WWII due to  scandal and murder. Their pride is most hurt when suburban sprawl and  social casualness render their renowned downtown jewelry store, CD  Peacock, passé.

Gray Dominion


Two gray-haired women are quickly  dismissed after reporting evil doings within the Yellowstone Park.  Although their crime-solving skills are unwanted, like the alphas of a  wolf pack, they teach the younger rangers and F.B.I. agents the  effectiveness in cooperative hunting.



Young survivors of the Balkan wars  work independently to bring war criminals to justice. Risking their  lives, they spy, record testimonies, and track fugitives as far as  desolate Eastern Oregon where they encounter romance, dodge assassin  bullets, and clash with cowboy culture.

Die Birken



A gay Hungarian, a Polish farmer, an orphan, a Wehrmacht deserter, and a librarian all reside in an East Berlin apartment building—Die Birken. The Wall and Stasi surveillance restricted their choices to three: resist, escape, or build a community. They manage to do all three while finding Soviet missiles and Nazi stolen art.